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My Dear Human Being

What to consider when making hard decisions in life

Being indecisive is your enemy.

Hard decisions don’t mess up your life, it’s indecision that does that for you.

You need to figure out how to know.

Try to not rely on other people to make your hard decisions for you.

For example, if you want to quit your job. If you don’t know wether to stay with your significant other. These are not choices that others should make for you. Ultimately, you are the person who knows everything and will eventually have to live with the consequences of your decision.

The stress response gives us the strength and speed to ward off or flee from an impending threat. But when it persists, stress can put us at risk for obesity, heart disease, cancer, and a variety of other illnesses.

Have you ever anticipated a bad event before it has happened? Has it ever been hard for you to accept a good event in your life because you are busy preparing yourself for harder times? According to Behar (2009) and Newman (2011) worry can be a maladaptive strategy to avoid negative internal experiences.

Did you know that when a mammalian female…

When mobile phones first came out, their sole purpose was to allow us to keep in touch and stay connected whilst on the go. However, the tremendous evolution of technology resulted in mobile phones gradually turning into the high tech smartphones that we all use today. Nowadays, they do so much more than simply keep us connected.

Every so often, you may notice that human beings have forgotten how to disconnect from the world and to connect to their inner being. Being present and mindful in the information age and digital era is a luxury. A Luxury most cannot afford…

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Following the previous article on how to better your life by recognizing the signs and listening to your body in order to know which micro-habits to implement in your routine. Today we will go over a few pointers that are about the most complex notion, consciousness. To implement the micro habit of trying to be conscious. Philosophers believe that your perception is your reality. So, let us try to simplify your perspective on consciousness.

One of the world’s most interesting neuroscientists of this century is Christof Koch. He has dedicated his life to understanding human consciousness. After over 40 years…

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In the new era of technology and fast-pace life, we forget how to be fully present. We struggle to find the time to truly listen. Not only to others but to ourselves. To our intuition and our beings. The signs the body gives, speak to us if we take a moment to listen and tune in.

When you’re told to listen to yourself, you might think about how to improve the way you attend to the chatter in your mind. …

I was never the person who dared to write on a public platform, yet alone write about the most sensitive subject of the current talk. Tonight, I finally feel like I have a choice and I choose to have a voice.

My Dear Human Being

Fun, light and relative articles about life with a background of neuroscience and human psychology.

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